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Realize your Strengths,
Unleash your Potential.

Harness the power of your strengths to build unshakable self-belief, enhance your relationships, and embrace a fulfilling life journey.

About Alex Kenny

I'm a certified Gallup Strengths Coach with a deep interest in understanding the intricacies of the human mind. Working in transformative organizations for almost a decade, I have cultivated a deep passion for guiding people towards personal and relational success.


I use the power of Gallup Strengths to help people unlock their full potential and maximize their unique talents. Through tailored coaching sessions, my clients are empowered to navigate life's challenges with confidence, build strong leadership skills, and foster thriving relationships.


Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and achievement.

Gallup certification seal

Deborah McGinnis - ex Landmark SELP Program Leader, Counsellor and Coach

I'd previously done the Gallup strengths test online years ago, but it was flat and lifeless on paper. The session with Alex brought it all to life and there were so many 'a-ha' moments. I would 100% recommend this to anyone (and am doing that!!).

Discover Your Strengths Through My Programs

I offer a range of programs designed to help you discover your strengths and use them to achieve your goals. These programs are tailored to your unique needs and goals, and are designed to help you achieve greater self-awareness, clarity, and success.

Introduction to Strengths

$600.00 - 2hrs

Your strengths journey starts here as we powerfully unpack your "CliftonStrengths 34" report.

1:1 Consultation

$250.00 - 1hr

Get clarity on your unique Strengths Profile and create incredible results in your life.

Relationship Coaching

$600.00 - 2hrs

Elevate your relationship to new heights by embracing each others strengths.


Alex’s knowledge and passion for

strengths work is transmitted through his energy and presence.
His ability to deliver an in depth understanding of my strengths through connecting with me and giving me clear examples of how my superpowers can be used in real world scenarios is phenomenal!!

Dylan Sorensen

Network Security Specialist

Alex changed my life. For six months he coached me around my strengths and gave me an insight into myself that has empowered me to take greater action and achieve more just by doing what I’m naturally gifted at.
I recommend all of my students to work with Alex and he has since supported over a dozen of my online thought leader clients to empower themselves too.

Scotty Ze

Public Speaker, Online Business Coach

Alex has helped me discover, own, and embody my innate character strengths. This gift has proven indispensable in helping me to move forward in my life and business and cut through decades of shame, blame and self-sabotage. With clear insight, razor shape wit, and a deep understanding of how to build men, Alex has given me clarity and power to take concise action on the elements in my life I can use to supercharge my life purpose.

Nicholas Blewett

Founder of QiPractice & QiFit

The flow-on benefits have impacted every area of my life including self confidence, self awareness, personal effectiveness and ability to build and maintain relationships.
I could not recommend Alex more highly as an individual or business coach. He WILL help you see and own your greatness. 

Jason Bluett

Founder of Primal Man Project

Alex helped me to see strengths that I was not clear on, and dig deep into how they show up and can be utilised in my life. I feel like I have more confidence already, knowing that the strengths I bring to all areas of life are unique and valuable.

Zac Braun

Electrician Supervisor 

Just started my journey with Alex’s mentoring, fully blown away and super excited after our first call. Serious insight into human thoughts, behaviours etc. The top five strengths assessment was incredibly accurate, but with Alex’s help diving deep into the top 10 and further was next level. I found Alex super easy to talk to and so relevant. Highly recommend.

Ben Slore

Commercial Construction Manager 

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