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Teams who focus on their strengths every day have 12.5% great productivity"


Recognition is powerful. It engages the person being recognized and sets an example that inspires others


At the managerial level, organizations fail to pick high-talent candidates 82% of the time.



  • High Levels of Engagement

  • Effortless Performance

  • Clarity on "NEEDS"

  • Self Confidence

  • Feedback Training

  • Self Regulation Practices

  • Talent Identification process

  • From "Tension" into "Teamwork"

  • Effortless, Effective and Near Perfect Results

Logan - Corporate Consultant

My sessions with Alex Kenny took my performance within the financial sector, to an entirely new level of profitability. 
I learnt to effectively harness my key strengths, in reaching consistently high levels of performance that had previously been unattainable and only dreamed of, both quantitatively within business and my personal life

Paul - Banking industry


"Alex helped me in in a difficult situation in my life. He is so wise and he really nailed it for me. Alex encouraged me to stand tall and do what what I knew to be right without wavering due to pressure from others. Alex Kenny encouraged me into my full potential and to really value my gifts that I bring to the world while taking responsibility for clashes with people who think differently and approach life differently. Alex encourage me to be bold, to be a tall poppy. Alex models a strong, powerful masculinity that is sensitive and loving. He was generous and caring. I would recommend him to anyone."

Jared - Senior Surveyor Estimator 

"If you are interested in learning more about your strengths or why you do or see things the way you do then book in a claiming session with Alex. After completing my strengths claiming session with Alex I now know that innate traits I have are actually my strengths. Competition, Strategic, Adaptability, Futuristic & Maximiser are the five points of my star that Alex has shown me are the points where I shine brightest. I need to lean into and push these points to be brighter, this is where I will excel. I know now that whatever path is before me I've got the ability to be the best I can possibly be."

Dylan - Cybersecurity

Alex’s knowledge and passion for strengths work is transmitted through his energy and presence.

His ability to deliver an in depth understanding of my strengths through connecting with me and giving me clear examples of how my superpowers can be used in real world scenarios is phenomenal!!

During the session he was very clear that this wasn’t just about learning and understanding my strengths, this was about claiming them!

I feel energised, enthusiastic and empowered claiming these thanks to Alex and I’m excited to leverage this new perspective to propel myself to new heights.

If you want real results in your life and have been searching for answers I highly recommend a session or five with Alex!!

Samala - Clinical Hypnotherapist

I just finished my strengths session with Alex, it was awesome. I never knew my strengths, which is sad, but also made me who I am, it’s so important to know your strengths, so you can trust in your natural abilities and keep building upon them. they should teach this in schools.

We naturally focus on our weakness, but strengths is where it’s at.

It feels like a weight off my shoulders now understanding why certain people in my life effected me, and what strengths were not nurtured, so I lost belief in my self.

Alex really gets you to take ownership of your strengths and let it sink in. He explains your strengths to you in a way that are aligned with your values and purpose so you get it and know how to utilise them to benefit you in all areas of your life.

I now have a feeling of power to step into my strengths and own them. This is me, here I am !!!!!!

Thank you Alex

Zac - Business Manager

Alex is a great coach that is able to get straight to the point and be super supportive and empowering.

The claiming session last night was a really great experience for me. Alex helped me to see strengths that I was not clear on, and dig deep into how they show up and can be utilised in my life. I feel like I have more confidence already, knowing that the strengths I bring to all areas of life are unique and valuable. I’m excited to use my strengths to enhance the performance at my job, empower the work team and elevate my business.

Maria - Integrated Home Education

I highly recommend Alex's coaching and guidance. He is a magician at bringing the pieces of the puzzle into wholeness. Alex was amazing at identifying my innate gifts and his encouragement on how I should be using them has been so powerful. Thanks to Alex, I feel so empowered with what I have to offer. During the session I had so many breakthroughs as all the puzzles clicked into place giving me more strength and confidence on how I can show up in life. Do yourself a favour and book Alex to coach you. You will be blown away like I was!

Jake - Business Owner / PT

Thanks to my strengths coaching session with Alex, I was able to build my life and goals around my top 5 strengths.

Since then I have focused all of my energy on sales and coaching which has brought much joy into my life aswell as impact in others.

knowing your individual strengths is key to serve humanity more effectively and create a life of purpose and fulfilment

David - Financial Trader Strategy

“My sessions with Alex Kenny took my performance within the financial sector, to an entirely new level of profitability. 

I learnt to effectively harness my key strengths, in reaching consistently high levels of performance that had previously been unattainable and only dreamed of, both quantitatively within business and my personal life.”

The session I had with Alex was more than insightful. Not only did it shed light on my strengths, but it allowed me to claim them, stepping into my power and understanding them fully. Alex was also highly encouraging, personable and informative when it came to any questions I had. He fleshed out each strength and related it back to me as an individual and my life goals.

I would highly recommend Alex and his services to anyone looking to take the next step in discovering how to make themselves and any team they are involved in better!

Darren - SCTN Resilience Coach

Nic - QIFIT Acupunture

Unlike many of the men’s work facilitators I have met, Alex is fiercely passionate, astute and embodies a powerful and intoxicating form of compassionate masculinity which allows him to cut through into the depths of the real men’s work that is required in today’s modern world. Alex does this without falling into the victim and gynocentric platitudes of much of modern men’s work which seeks to castrate and indoctrinate men further into powerlessness and an emasculated state of weakness, servitude, and victimhood of herd mentality.

Rob - Acupuncturist 

One of many magnificent men in this challenging world who are needed to help other men and women remember, highlight and understand how we use our gifts to get what we want and uphold our values!


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