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1:1 Consultation

Get clarity on your unique Strengths Profile and create incredible results in your life.

This personalized 90-minute 1:1 strengths coaching session is designed to empower you in various aspects of your life. Through insightful discussions and exercises, I help you gain a profound understanding of your unique strengths and guide you on leveraging these strengths to achieve success in your career, personal life, and relationships. I provide personalized tips and suggest activities that allow you to practice and further develop your strengths. By fostering increased self-awareness and instilling confidence, my coaching sessions empower you to thrive in both their professional and personal endeavors.



Just started my journey with Alex’s mentoring, fully blown away and super excited after our first call. Serious insight into human thoughts, behaviours etc. The top five strengths assessment was incredibly accurate, but with Alex’s help diving deep into the top 10 and further was next level. I found Alex super easy to talk to and so relevant. Highly recommend. - Ben Slore - Commercial Construction Manager 
I highly recommend Alex's coaching and guidance. He is a magician at bringing the pieces of the puzzle into wholeness. Alex was amazing at identifying my innate gifts and his encouragement on how I should be using them has been so powerful. Do yourself a favour and book Alex to coach you. You will be blown away like I was! - Maria Bleakley -  Homeschooling Community Leader

$250.00 - 1hr

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